What is the difference between ceramic and porcelain floor tiles?

If you want a floor with a lot of versatility, then tile floors could be for you. It has so many things to offer, like colors, lasting durability, and an extended lifespan. It makes an excellent choice for your home. So the question pops up, should I get ceramic or porcelain? That’s a common question we get. Let’s answer it for you.


Porcelain and ceramic may appear to look the same, leading some homeowners to think that they are buying the same floor tile. But some differences might lead you to purchase one over the other. Please speak to our staff about what those differences are. Please tell us what you expect from your tile floor, and we can put you in the right direction.


Porcelain is made of a quality clay called Kaolin. It is fired in a hot kiln to produce a particular density and hardness. The clay is of a through-body color that hides any chips or cracks that occur. Then the porcelain is glazed to bring out the beauty of the colors. Porcelain is naturally impervious to water, so it won’t absorb it and crack in freezing conditions.


Ceramic comes from clay that is mixed with ingredients of sand and feldspar. It is similar to porcelain and fired the same way, in a kiln, but not at such high temperatures. The surface is still dense and hard, but there is no through-body color to see. There is a glass glaze that goes on the surface, and that is what waterproofs the tile. This glass glaze colors the tile in any décor fashion you want.

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